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Year 1/2 (Air Class)

Welcome to Air Class!

‘Believe in yourself, anything is possible!

Welcome to Summer Term 1! 

We are going to have so much fun with many, many exciting challenges this term.


Our topic is ‘Wild and Wonderful Creatures!’


Big Question: What do you think is an animal’s biggest challenge?

Concepts: Cohesion, Beauty, and Freedom

Christian Value: Love



In English, we shall be exploring instructions and explanation texts using Tidy by Emily Gravett, Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett, and Being Bossy by Ruth Merttens and Jackie Abey. We’ll also continue to look closely at the purpose of different types of sentences and the types of words used in them.

In Maths, in our year groups, we shall be investigating measurement of shape, mass, and time, as well as position and direction. Year 2 will also be completing their fractions and statistics topics.

In Science, we are completing our ‘Plants – Art & Nature’ topic with clay sculptures and a big outside tree art project. We will then explore the characteristics of a variety of different animals, considering the similarities and differences of what they need to survive and thrive.

In Geography and History, we are going to be learning more about the oceans and seas and comparing the experiences of two famous explorers: Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.

In DT, we shall begin out ‘Dips and Dippers’ topic. The children will get to investigate a variety of different dips and dippers, considering taste, texture, and smell as well as nutrition.

In Art, we’ll be creating seascapes inspired by JMW Turner.

In RE, we shall learn more about the importance of special places and religious spaces.

In PSHE, we shall be considering how to help support communities with helpful and respectful choices.

In Computing, we shall be creating and debugging algorithms with Logo and Scratch.

In Music, we shall be developing our beat and rhythm with body percussion.


Helpful notes: 

PE is timetabled for Wednesday and Friday.

Smokey Row is timetabled for Tuesday afternoon.

Weekly Spelling Challenge is timetabled for Friday.

Maths Mathletics Homework: New tasks will be set every Friday during term time. Paper Mathletics homework is also available if there are difficulties with accessing the tasks online. The children's progress will be acknowledged and recorded. 

Learning Logs/Project Books: These should be handed in for marking on Monday. Children may wish to share their learning logs with Air Class and time will be made to allow for this during the week.  


I am so excited to share this learning journey with you. It's going to be a lot of fun!


Best wishes,


Mrs Morris

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