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Year 1/2 (Air Class)

Welcome to Air Class!




Below you can find some key information about what we will be learning together this half-term.

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PE is continued to be timetabled for Monday and Wednesday. Please wear PE kit on these days.  


Our Topic: Would you prefer to live in a hot or cold place? (Geography)

In Geography we will be exploring different countries and their climates. Some key skills we are aiming to develop include; Locating all the world’s seven continents on a world map. Describing and beginning to explain some key similarities between their local area and a small area of a contrasting non-European country. Describing and beginning to explain some key differences between their local area and a small area of a contrasting non-European country. Describing what physical features may occur in a hot place in comparison to a cold place. Locating some hot and cold areas of the world on a world map.



During this half term within our subjects we will be focusing on the following:


  • English: Writing a story of fear using suspense (Model Text: Hansel and Gretel) and Writing a newspaper report to recount (Model Text: Witch outwitted) 
  • Maths: Year 1: Place Value (Within 50), Measures: Length and height and Measures: mass and volume

       Year 2: Measures: length and height Measures: mass, capacity and            temperature combine units / small steps and Statistics. 

  • Science: Animals (Including Humans) Life cycles and health

       Identifying the stages of animal life cycles and carrying out tests to record          growth.

  • Learning For Life: Economic Wellbeing. The outcomes are to recognise that people make different choices about saving and spending. Recognise that different skills are needed for different jobs.
  • R.E: Big Question- Dose the creation story help people to understand God? 

       Music: Vocal and Body Sounds (by the sea) Children will make links         between music, sounds and environments and use percussion, vocal and body sounds to represent calm or stormy seas.​​​​​​​

Key Information:



PE is timetabled every Monday and Wednesday. The children should come to school in their PE kits on these days.


Homework/Home Learning:

Content to follow



Smokey Row is timetabled for Tuesday afternoon, weather and adult ratio dependent.