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Weekly Spellings

Week 1

Distribution Date: 07.06.24

Test Date: 21.06.24

Week 2

Distribution Date: 21.06.24

Test Date: 28.06.24

Week 3

Distribution Date: 28.06.24

Test Date: 04.07.24 


Week 4

Distribution Date: 05.07.24

Test Date: 12.07.24


Year 5Year 6Year 5Year 6Year 5Year 6Year 5

Year 6

definite desperate literate secretary stationary dictionary Wednesday familiar original animal 

bellowed screeched squealed shrieked squawked whispered murmured breathed sighed muttered 

deflate deform decode decompose defuse recycle rebuild rewrite replace revisit 



gigantic gargantuan mammoth miniature miniscule insignificant microscopic petite 

overthrow overturn overslept overcook overreact overtired overcoat overpaid overlook overbalance ecstatic jovial exultant elated delighted despondent forlorn dejected woeful dismalboastful faithful doubtful fearful thankful beautiful pitiful plentiful fanciful merciful 

deafening piercing blaring  

ear-piercing raucous  


tranquil inaudible unobtrusive peaceful