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Reception (Earth Class)

Welcome to Earth Class

"Together Is A Wonderful Place To Be"



Welcome back Earth Class, I hope you have all had a relaxing Easter break, spending time with your family and eating lots of chocolate!

I am looking forward to our next half term, it may be short but it is going to be jam packed!

During this half term we are going to be learning about Minibeasts, Habitats and Plants:



Summer Term 1 Topic: Mighty Minibeasts 

Big Question: How do we look after Nature?



Together we will…

  • Talk about things that might scare us and how we deal with it in our daily lives.
  • Talk about the importance of looking after the environment.
  • Follow our Kimble rules and talk about our classroom routines.
  • Build a bank of vocabulary associated with minibeasts, the environment and plant growth.
  • Listen to and join in with a range of stories (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird, The Very Busy Bee, Superworm, The Very Busy Spider, Snail Trail, The Tiny Seed).
  • Retell stories and identify the beginning, middle and end of stories.
  • Identify the features of non-fiction books and use various books to gather information about our new topic.
  • Use our phonics to write captions and sentences, extending to longer pieces of writing.
  • Continue to develop our fine motor skills through using a range of small equipment including tweezers and threading boards.
  • Continue to develop our gross motor skills while playing physical games and acting out stories.
  • Name a range of minibeasts and identify their features and sort them into different groups.
  • Identify and sequence life cycles.
  • Talk about habitats and identify what minibeasts need to survive.
  • Identify and name a range of plants and flowers.
  • Investigate numbers to 20 and beyond.
  • Begin to experiment with tens and ones.
  • Begin to develop our spatial reasoning by exploring how many shapes will fit into an area.
  • Explore a range of materials and resources to create pictures, collages and models (butterfly symmetry, minibeast homes etc.)
  • Act out stories and use a wide range of resources to create our own props and story scenes.
  • Continue to think about and live out our Christian Values.



This is only a small snapshot of all the fantastic adventures we will be taking this half term. You can find more of what we will be doing on our Topic Web and Curriculum Overview within the Class Documents folder on this page.


Helpful Hints: 

  • Please make sure all uniform is named.
  • In Earth class we play outside whatever the weather so please make sure your child has a suitable coat and a water bottle (Learning through Play is thirsty work!)
  • Library is timetabled for Wednesday afternoon
  • Smokey Row is timetabled for Thursday afternoon 
  • PE is timetabled for Friday afternoon


Mrs Hunt

Earth Class Gallery

Below you will be able to see some of the wonderful learning that takes place in our class. Make sure you keep coming back to check as we will be adding photos each week.