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MFL - French


From Key Stage 2, children will be introduced to French. Our approach is to make learning a new language fun and develop a love for languages! Young pupils are very receptive to learning a new language; children like to mimic pronunciation and they can easily pick up and duplicate new sounds. Repetition and practice are essential in learning a new language so songs and games are regularly used during introductions to languages. We also integrate foreign languages into the everyday routine through taking registers in different languages.


Languages are introduced in Year 3. Learning a new language gives us a new understanding of the world and an opening to a new culture and gives an insight into how other cultures live. We teach languages using a variety of methods – we use songs and games as well as getting children to converse and write in new languages. We also include practical lessons where children can try food from the country of study and invite native visitors to bring the language to life with our children. We aim to improve their understanding of written and spoken language, to speak with increasing confidence and to appreciate new cultures.


We follow the Kapow scheme of work within school, to teach French. This is a comprehensive and exciting scheme that takes our KS2 children on a thought-out and engaging journey into the French language. 








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