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Great Kimble Church of England School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust


Events in the History of Great Kimble Church of England School

1805  A Sunday School is started in St. Nicholas’ Church


1821 A day school is started in the Church


1828 The day school is extended to 5 days per week


1832   A school house is built – girls upstairs and boys downstairs


1834   School officially funded by the Church


1851   Census shows 140 students at Sunday School


1854   Land for school building from Donald Cameron


1862   65 pupils on roll; Headteacher Mrs Beckett


1895   Third classroom added; Headteacher Mr Fassnidge


1912   Headteacher John MacKaig; replaced by his daughter


1914   Refugees arrive from Belgium


1917   Pupils gather conkers and blackberries for war effort


1923   Greta MacKaig succeeded by Mr Jennings


1926   Alice Morley Headteacher


1928   Playground extended – land from George Darvill


1936   Trip to Swindon Works funded by GWR


1937   Day off for Coronation


1939   School role doubled; Mrs Richardson Headteacher


1940   Evacuee classes taught in The Stewart Hall


1940   October 28th 1940 School damaged in Bombing



1945   Two day holiday for VE Day


1947   School dinners started; School closed by snow


1951   School becomes Voluntary Controlled; Senior pupils go to Risborough


1953   Flush toilets installed; Trip to see Coronation Lights


1963   Hazel Daunter Headteacher


1966   Mr Tuggey Headteacher


1968   Snow closed the school; Office built


1973   School reduced to Infants School


1981   Mrs Hiscock Headteacher


1986   School meals ended


1996   Mrs Carol Holman-Smith Headteacher


2008   Mrs Gillian Harrington Headteacher


2010   Schoolhouse replaced by new extension


2007   Outdoor classroom on land donated by Mr Bill Brown


2016   Mrs Mala Cozadinos Headteacher


2018 The school became an Academy under The Great learners Trust


2019   Further extension built on the site of ‘Springfield’, the neighbouring bungalow, for expansion to all-through primary school


2021  Capsule buried, Clare Lodge Headteacher