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Year 3 (Water Class)

Learning Overview for W/C 28th September 2020

This week, we will be covering the following curriculum areas:

English Focus: Writing our own myths using powerful verbs and adjectives

GPS Focus: Conjunctions and developing direct speech

Maths Focus: Addition & Subtraction: adding and subtracting in 1s and100s, adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers

Science Focus: Electricity - constructing circuits and observation of experiments

PSHE Focus: Having a balanced lifestyle - healthy body, healthy mind

History Focus: Comparing the lives of Ancient Greeks to our own; understanding when the Ancient Greeks lived on a historical timeline


Hello there, Water Class!


Hooray, we’re going back to school together again!


I hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday. I simply cannot wait to see you all.

Our old classroom has had a bit of a makeover. I’m very excited to see your reactions to the beautiful changes that have been made and look forward to hearing your ideas for how we can develop our learning space further still.


This term our topic is Ancient Greece and we’ll be learning about this incredible civilisation that lived 4000 years ago. Our big question is ‘Why is it important to learn from the past?’ so we’ll be thinking about answers to this question across all our subjects. I’m eager to hear your ideas.


I’m really hoping that we shall have a lot of fun with our learning this term. We’ve got some super exciting lessons planned that I’ll share with you very soon.


Hooray for the return to school again!


Very best wishes,


Mrs Morris (who is extremely excited to go back to school – can you tell?)