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Year 3 (Water Class)


Welcome to Summer Term 1!


I hope you have had a wonderful, restful Easter break. I am really looking forward to hearing what you’ve been doing.

As I write, the sun is out, the birds are chirping, and I cannot wait to share this half-term’s learning with you. So, here it is!


Our Summer Term’s topic is ‘The Americas’.

Our ‘Big Question’ is: Should we care about what happens on the other side of the world?’

Our Summer Term’s key concepts are: Belonging, Identity, and Diversity.


This half-term's learning menu:

  • In English, we will start by exploring adventure fiction with a focus on North American folklore. I hope you will enjoy the stories of Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyan and that they will inspire you to write your own story.
    Then, we will be learning about South American football and writing a non-chronological report about it.
    We will also be debating whether Banksy’s work should be considered art or vandalism and learning how to construct discussion writing.
  • In Maths, we are continuing with our fractions topic and will then move on to the ‘Time’ topic. If you can, please practise telling the time at home using both analogue and digital clocks. It will help you with this Year 3 learning.
  • In Science, we are investigating what different types of scientists do and how they work scientifically. We will be designing our own investigations and experiments in this topic. I wonder what your ideas will be!
  • In Art, we are learning about Graffiti and Street Art. Our focus artist will be Banksy. However, we will have time to explore some abstract art by the North American artist, Helen Frankenthaler too.
  • In PSHE, we will be discussing British Values, thinking about democracy, liberty, laws, and the importance of diversity.
  • In Geography, we will be learning to identify the countries of North America and South America. We will explore the climates and biomes of different regions and make comparisons between a North American region and our local area.
  • In RE, we are investigating how Jesus is represented in different ways and discussing the reasons for this.
  • In PE, we will be practising our Athletics skills 

It is going to be a fun, interesting, and busy half term. I cannot wait to get started with you, my incredible, awe-inspiring Year 3s!  


Best wishes,

Mrs Morris

'Step Up to Talk' Schedule - Summer Term 2021

If you would like extra learning resources to explore during this remote learning period:


Please use the Oak National Academy to find a variety of fantastic lessons and activities taught virtually by qualified teachers. The BBC Bitesize website and GoNoodle website also offer great learning activities.


Oak National Academy - Year 3

BBC Bitesize



Please use the following links if you are learning at home this week:


Maths: Fractions

English: Folklore

Science: What do scientists do?

PSHE: British Values

Geography: North America

Art: Urban Culture

RE: Representations of Jesus

PE: GoNoodle - Workout

Spanish: Food

Music: Pulse and Metre

Computing: Communication


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