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3rd June 2020 


Good Morning Year 3!


I hope you are all well. Today is Wonder Wednesday and the first thing I need to do it tell you about Dr Chips.


Dr Chips is doing a Wonder Wednesday Live lesson at 10am today. This week's link is: https://youtu.be/qNd-lszmRqQ He is going to harness the solar radiation from the Sun (which has travelled a whopping 151 million kms to get here) and build a solar oven to cook some lovely melted marshmallows. You can too if you have these items around your home: Empty pizza flat box (such as a pizza box) or some cardboard to make a box, black paint and paintbrush or black paper/card, cling film, tin foil, tape, scissors, something to cook in your solar oven (marshmallows and chocolate digestives work well here!). Don’t worry if you don’t get the opportunity to write down how he makes the oven, I can help you. Just email me to ask for the instructions.


Every Wednesday, I will offer a Science task for you to enjoy. Today’s task is recognising the UN World Environment Day on 5th June 2020. Please have a look through the slides and choose whether you’d like to make a poster, a video, conduct some scientific fieldwork or maybe you’ve another idea that will show you are thinking about how to help improve the environment. This is a great opportunity for collaborative thinking, so please do talk through your ideas with anyone in the house. They might have suggestions you could include too. As always, please stay safe and make sure an adult knows what you are doing and has given their permission.


Your extra activity today is Tic Tac Toe. It is a bit different to the noughts and crosses games that you may have played before. Each square has a different task that you have to complete first before you can claim it with your symbol. Who will win today?


And, we also have Day 2 of the Maths Problems of the Day. Again, please talk these puzzles through with your household and enjoy the extra brain exercise!


I really hope you enjoy today’s challenges. Please do email me your news, ideas, and creations. I love to see them!


Best wishes,

Mrs Morris


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