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16th June 2020


Good Morning Year 3!


How are you? It’s another Terrific Tuesday today, and I hope you can’t wait to get started on today’s tasks.


It is the Great Science Share Day today. I wanted to let you know that you might be able to get hold of a free Super Scientist badge if you and a responsible adult fill in the application form in the documents below.


Mrs Pottle is also doing a presentation at 2pm. I’ve watched and participated in person in one of her lessons and they are always interesting and enjoyable. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRJccIBOuyY&feature=youtu.be

If you want to participate fully then have these items ready: paper of different kinds from your recycling, scissors, pen/pencil, water, tray. Optional ideas: Washing up bowl, washing up liquid, baking tray (an inch deep if you have it), at least 10 sheets of scrap paper - different types if you can find them, a hand blender or old-fashioned hand whisk, 3 large cloths or tea-towels that are larger than the baking tray, a few clothes pegs, bowl.


The task in Maths today is about estimating. The tasks are then split into Hot, Extra Hot, Spicy and Chilli Challenges. Just as in school, please choose the task that you feel is most appropriate for your learning journey, starting on either Hot or Extra Hot working your way towards the Chilli Challenge. If you’re enjoying the tasks, then please work your way through them taking as much time as you need. However, my expectation is that you need only spend around 20 minutes doing these puzzles. Please let me know how you get on.


Today’s extra activity is drawing with expression using Vincent Van Gogh and music for inspiration. I really hope you enjoy doing this. Please do email in your artistic creations and let me know if you discovered how your mood can affect your drawing.


And, we also have Day 9 of the Maths Problems of the Day. Please talk these puzzles through with your household and enjoy the extra brain exercise!


I can’t wait to hear how you get on.


Best wishes,

Mrs Morris


Ofsted outstanding since 2011 SIAMS outstanding since 2016


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