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Thursday - World Book Day

Julia Donaldson performs The What the Ladybird Heard Song

Kiddie Quiz 1 | Who am I? | Animal Version 🐼

Activity 1

In the story the two baddies make a map of the farmyard in a cunning plan to steal the cow. (Even though it doesn’t go well!) Have a go at making a map of the farm like the baddies using positional language.

  • next to
  • over
  • under
  • beside

You can use baking paper to make it more like a map!

Activity 2

Use the picture to discuss the animals in the story.

Parents talk about which animal you are going to draw.

E.G: This animal has a feathers, this animal has 2 legs and 1 beak. What is it?

Can your child guess?

Then swap turns.

Once you have drawn all your pictures by playing the guess the animal game you can play the sound game. Cut each picture out and guess the sound the animal makes by taking turns. You can extend this game by then guessing where each animal lives e.g.: This animal lives in a sty, in a stable in a barn …

Activity 3