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WALT: Demonstrate strategies for resolving conflicts.


Success Criteria

I can explain positive resolution techniques to use to solve disputes.

I can identify how my support network can support my
conflict resolutions.


Today you are going to be learning about strategies we can use to resolve conflicts. We can fall out with our friends for all sorts of reasons and it's not always possible to stop this from happening. We can, however, learn positive strategies to help us resolve the conflicts and make friends again. Go through the PowerPoint and then choose your challenge!


Your Task –

Look at the Falling Out Scenario Cards and think about whether a support network or positive resolution technique could help to stop the falling out happening or help to resolve the falling out.


HOT - Who could help resolve these disputes? What technique could they use?

You could have a think to yourself or discuss them with a family member.


EXTRA HOT – Choose one of the scenario cards and write a paragraph explaining one of the techniques they could use.


SPICY - Choose one of the scenario cards and act it out with someone in your family! Act out the technique they could use to solve it. You could film your role play and send it in for our class gallery!