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Parent Council

What is a Parent Council?


At the beginning of each academic year parents are invited, via the newsletter, to express their interest in becoming a Class Representative. A parent from each class is elected and this group of parents makes up our Parent Council. They meet with the Headteacher and member of the Governing Body every term. The meeting provides an opportunity to canvass ideas and work together to find solutions and ways in which our school can further improve. These meetings are informal, although minutes are kept, circulated to each Class Representative and published on the school website.

Being a Class Representative is an important and rewarding role. Class Representatives help build a sense of community among the class parents and they help provide the link between the parents and FOKS (Friends of Kimble School). Like every parent, Class Representatives are invited to the FOKS committee meetings to share ideas and gain a broader understanding of what FOKS do for the school.

It is hoped that through an improved understanding of how and why things are done, parents will be better informed partners and participants in the life of our school.

If you are interested in becoming a Class Representative, please email the school office on


Our Class Representatives for 2020-2021 are:

Reception: Mrs Cook

Year 1: Mrs Audley

Year 2: Mrs Read

Year 3: Mrs Erskine Crum

Year 4: Mrs Fenton/ Mrs Mafuta

Parent Council Meeting Rules

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