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Activity 1
Can you write a price list for all the drinks and snacks you have in your shop?
Activity 2

Can you buy all the different drinks using some real money?

Talk through the value of the different coins. Talk about the different colours and what the coins are made from and discuss how much they are all worth. Look to see if there are any numbers on the coins to show how much the coin is worth. Talk through the different drinks (see EY Additional Resource 2) and how they all have different prices. Read through the prices of each drink.

Activity 3

Can you make your own shop and pretend to sell drinks?

Think about: What drinks could you sell in your shop? I wonder if people would want to buy snacks to go with their drinks! What snacks could you sell? Have you got some drinks and snacks that are healthier than others? Which drinks/snacks could you tell your customers are the healthier options? What do we need to set up the shop? Where shall we put the drinks and snacks?