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Maths - Please submit this task

WALT: Compare Statements


Steps to Success:

  • I can recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3 times table
  • I can solve problems using multiplication and division
  • I can solve missing number problems using multiplication and division
  • I can use comparison signs < > =



Today, we are going to extend our work on our Multiplication and Division unit and bring in comparison signs. You’ll need to work out which representations have the greater, lesser, or equal amounts.


Here is the video link for the learning PowerPoint - 20.1.2021 Maths Video

If you are using this facility, please pause the video when asked to answer a question. Once you have tried to work out the answer, you can resume the video to see if their answer has been calculated in the same way. 


I have put the MathsBot links below so that, if needed, you can use them to help with your tasks.


MathsBot - Dienes Blocks

MathsBot - Place Value Counters