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There are 2 mistakes on the SPICY ANSWER sheet - scroll to the bottom of the page to find the correct answers to question 2 and 3. My apologies!


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WALT: Calculate area using cm².


Success Criteria

I can find the area of a rectilinear shape by multiplying the sides.

I can use cm² as my measurement.

I can find the area of compound shapes by finding the area of the smaller shapes within the shape and adding them to find a total.


Today I have a video for you, I hope you enjoy!

I talk you through calculating area and using cm² as your unit of measurement. We find the area of rectilinear shapes and compound shapes so watch the video and then choose your challenge! smiley

Maths Video 29.01.mp4

Still image for this video


Question 2 should be 31cm² and question 3 should be 23cm².