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WALT: Find the perimeter of a 2D shape.


Success Criteria

I understand what perimeter is.

I can use resources to measure the sides of a 2D shape.

I can add the lengths of a shape to find the perimeter.

I can draw a shape that has a specific perimeter length.


You have been doing so well with our Measurement topic and converting equivalent lengths - well done! Today we're going to revisit and remind ourselves about measuring perimeter. How do we measure perimeter? 

Watch the video below and then complete the questions. If you don't have a piece of ribbon or wool for the first questions then just use a ruler!


If you complete all of today's Maths and want an extra challenge, I have included a Chilli Challenge for km and m at the bottom of this page. 


Have a great day you superstars!


HOT - Questions 1-3

EXTRA HOT - Questions 1-6

SPICY - All questions

Maths Video - Measuring Perimeter.mp4

Still image for this video