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WALT: Divide a 2 digit number by a single digit number.


Steps to Success:

I can identify the value of each digit

I can partition a 2 digit number

I can use partitioning to divide a 2 digit number

I can exchange a tens where needed to make the number divisible


Division and Multiplication

Today we are going to be looking at dividing a 2-digit number by a single digit number through partitioning.


Remember, partitioning is when we split a number into it’s tens and ones.

For example, 24 can be partitioned into 20 and 4.


You have another video to watch today plus a worksheet. You need to reflect on how confident you are feeling with dividing 2-digit numbers and partitioning to decide whether you choose HOT, EXTRA HOT or SPICY.


Click on the pages below to find the video, worksheet and answers for the challenge you have chosen. You can change your challenge once you've started if you are finding it too easy or too tricky.


I'm aware that most of you will not have any place value counters or base 10 (dienes blocks) at home to use so you can click on the links below to access the Maths Bot website. There you can find some virtual place value counters and base 10 to use. You can also just use some scrap paper and draw the counters and base 10 to help you if you wish.


Maths Bot - Base 10 (dienes blocks) 


Maths Bot - Place value counters