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WALT: Divide 2 or 3 digit numbers by a single digit (written method)


Success Criteria

  • I can set up the division in the correct layout (bus stop method)
  • I can divide each digit in the correct order.
  • I can carry the remainders correctly.
  • I can use problem solving skills to solve the reasoning questions.


Well done for all of your hard work on using the bus stop method! You are all doing brilliantly and are challenging yourselves everyday. Great job!

Today we are going to have another practise of the bus stop method. There is no video today, but if you feel like you need more help then you can re-watch the video from yesterday and Friday to remind you.


If you completed HOT yesterday, challenge yourself with EXTRA HOT today! 


HOT: 2 digit numbers

EXTRA HOT: 3 digit numbers

SPICY: reasoning and problem solving questions


Have a great day!