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I have noticed that, on the Extra Hot marking sheet, the answer to question 8 has not been completed. My mistake - that's what happens when you make work sheets on a Friday evening! I have put the answer at the bottom of this page for when you mark Extra Hot. :) 


Please self-mark and submit this learning to our class email -


WALT: Divide 2 or 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number (written method)


Steps to Success

  • I can write the calculation in the correct layout (bus stop method).
  • I can divide each digit by the divisor
  • I know to start with the largest digit (tens or hundreds)
  • I know how to carry remainders to the next digit


Today you're going to have another practise of using the bus stop method. Watch the video below and pause when asked to practise the questions in the video.

You then need to choose HOT or EXTRA HOT to complete and self-mark. Once you have self-marked those questions, if you would like an extra challenge, you can have a go at SPICY.


Have a great day!

Maths Lesson 11th January 2021

Still image for this video
The answer to Question 8 (Extra Hot) is 142. :)