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WALT: I can describe and understand the features of the layers of a rainforest.


Success Criteria

  • I can name the four layers of a rainforest.
  • I can tell you about the climate in each layer.
  • I can tell you about the plants found in each layer.
  • I can tell you some animals that live in each layer.


 Today in Geography you are learning about the different layers of the rainforest. Rainforests are so dense with trees and plants that the forest floor gets very little light from the sun. There are 4 different layers in the rainforest all with different characteristics and different animal and plant species in each one. Go through the PowerPoint below and learn more about these layers.


Then choose your challenge –

HOT – cut and stick the layers correctly and add the animals to the correct layer.

EXTRA HOT – design and create an information poster that showcases and describe each layer of the rainforest.

SPICY – Rainforest in a shoebox mini project!