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10th July 2020


Good Morning Year 3!


I hope you are all well and ready for another fun Friday!


The learning task in Maths today is about finding related calculations. The tasks are split into Hot, Extra Hot, Spicy and Chilli Challenges. Just as in school, please choose the task that you feel is most appropriate for your learning journey, starting on either Hot or Extra Hot working your way towards the Chilli Challenge. If you’re enjoying the tasks, then please work your way through them taking as much time as you need. However, my expectation is that you need only spend around 20 minutes doing these puzzles. Please let me know how you get on.


We also have Day 5 of the Bar Model Daily Challenge. Please talk these puzzles through with your household and enjoy the extra brain exercise!


For the extra activity today, I’m asking you to make and play a fun game from Hawaii. 


Friday is also the day for your weekly spelling challenge. Please use the spelling challenge sheet to see how your brain is getting on remembering your spellings. 


If you can, please email in to let me know your news and learning. It is so wonderful to hear from you and see your photos.


I really hope you have a fantastic Friday and a lovely weekend.


Best Wishes,

Mrs Morris