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English - Please submit this task

WALT: Edit and present my own ‘Tropics’ Poem


Steps to Success:

  • I can edit my own work
  • I can copy words carefully
  • I can write sentences with correct punctuation
  • I can present my learning effectively


Thank you for working so diligently over the past few weeks. In today’s session, you are going to complete the writing process for your ‘Tropics’ Poem.


I’ve given you a writing skills checklist to help you. Carefully work through each skill making sure that you have included it somewhere in your poem. Make any adjustments you need to ensure you complete all of the success criteria. Then, write it up very neatly.

If you like, send in a video of you performing your poem for the class page. This video has some top tips for performing poetry – please watch it if you need some performance inspiration.


Everyone should email their written version to the class email address, please.

I’m so excited; I cannot wait to see what you’ve accomplished!