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WALT: Edit and up-level my poem.


Success Criteria

I can think honestly and critically about my poem.

I can look for opportunities for up-levelling my poem.

I can write up my poem in my best writing.


Today you are going to edit your poem from yesterday and see if you can make it even better! Remember, editing is an important part of the writing process and allows you to do your best writing. You need to think critically and honestly about your writing and look for opportunities to up-level. This does not mean you need to change everything - if you really like a part of your poem then leave it! 

Make sure you also check your spellings!


Once you have edited and you're happy with your poem, write it up beautifully in your best writing. I have put some lovely writing paper below that you can use which you can also colour in the border to make it your own. If you don't have a printer then you could write up your poem and design your own border around it!


Tomorrow you will be performing your poems - I can't wait to see them! smiley