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WALT: Develop reading for pleasure through personal reflection.


Success Criteria

I understand how reading can have a positive impact on my learning and wellbeing.

I can reflect on what I read and when I read for pleasure.

I can record everything I read for 24 hours (not just books but cereal boxes, signs etc).


Watch the video below and reflect on what 'reading for pleasure' means.


English Lesson Video


Your task -

Complete the 24 hour reading challenge! Record everything you read over 24 hours. This includes signs, cereal boxes, writing on the TV etc - not just books and magazines!


Spicy Reflection Questions

  • what types of text are you reading?
  • what times of the day do you read the most?
  • what is the longest period of time that you don't read anything?
  • what times of the day do you read for pleasure?