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WALT: Create a Rousseau inspired picture.


Success Criteria:

I can identify the key features of Rousseau's art work.

I can create a piece inspired by his style.


Task: Create a Rousseau Inspired Picture

1. Imagine a place that you have never been to before and make a draft sketch of it.

2. Use the draft sketch to re-create your idea on a piece of paper using the medium of your choice (crayons, pencils, paint, collage etc.) Remember, you need to try and make this picture in the style of Rousseau. Think about the different features and skills that Rousseau used in his paintings:

* clear outlines

* simple colours in different shades

* details painted piece by piece


3. Once the imaginary scene has been created, add a self-portrait to your landscape. Again, remember to try to replicate Rousseau’s technique.