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WALT: Understand about the life of the artist Henri Rousseau


Steps to Success:

I can explore the significant moments in Rousseau’s life

I can look closely at his paintings and form my own opinion about them

I can empathise with Rousseau and reflect on how he must have felt during

certain moments of his life and how this might have affected his artwork


Today, we’re going to focus on Art and our new topic which is exploring the French artist Henri Rousseau! You will need to look through the PowerPoint below and read all about his interesting life and look at some of his artwork.

You will then need to create a poster about ‘the Life of Henri Rousseau’. How you choose to do this is your choice. You could draw or paint your poster or you could even create one on your computer!


Extra Challenge - 

Watch this video which explores Rousseau's painting in more detail.


In the video, the woman falls into a painting! If you could go into a piece of artwork, which would you choose and why?